99 Restaurant Commercial "Mom"

Karen Scalia/Salem Food Tours featured on Toni On! NY

Clips & Media 

"Stronger" 2017 with Tatiana Maslany and Frankie Shaw

"Taking a Shot at Love" opposite comedian/actor Mark Scalia

audition clips, media and writings*

Watch on Vimeo, Karen Scalia audition clip

Watch on Vimeo  Karen Scalia as nurse, short audition clip

Watch on Vimeo for full screen options. Acting clip, Karen Scalia as Renee in "Homecoming", written by Karen Scalia*.  

.... well, darnit, I wish I had footage, but that's what happens in editing. Regardless, so glad to be a part of these... 
"Gone Baby Gone" as  Reporter, directed by Ben Affleck. The entire day was cut, but it was awesome to play opposite Casey Affleck. 

"We Don't Belong Here", as Mrs. D., directed by Peer Pederson, scene opposite Maya Rudolph. 

Karen Scalia,
Salem Food Tours interview on Chronicle, ABC TV 

Watch on Vimeo, Karen Scalia as nurse, written by Karen Scalia*. 

Doctor, 2nd option

Watch on Vimeo Karen Scalia

as "Middle Aged Woman", comedy clip written by Karen Scalia*.